A standardised midwifery assessment tool has advantages because of its uniform reporting. These include:

  • comparison of outcomes when student education and placements vary
  • benchmarking across practice sites and/or universities
  • reporting that aligns with the threshold learning outcomes for health.

For more information about the value of behavioural cues in determining attainment of standards please refer to Ossenberg C, Henderson A, Dalton M. Determining attainment of nursing standards: the use of behavioural cues to enhance clarity and transparency in student clinical assessment, Nurse Education Today. 35(1):12-15.

To facilitate the potential of the reporting functions an EXCEL database for recording placement assessment is available. This EXCEL document has the capacity to record an individual's score and also aggregate scores for groups. It can organise student and/or group scores against NMBA standards and the Threshold Learning Outcomes (TLOs) for Health.

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