A standardised midwifery assessment tool has advantages because of its uniform reporting. These include:

  • comparison of outcomes when student education and placements vary
  • benchmarking across practice sites and/or universities
  • reporting that aligns with the threshold learning outcomes for health.

For more information about:

The value of behavioural cues in determining attainment of standards please refer to, Ossenberg C, Henderson A, Dalton M. Determining attainment of nursing standards: the use of behavioural cues to enhance clarity and transparency in student clinical assessment, Nurse Education Today. 35(1):12-15.

Validation of the AMSAT please refer to Sweet L., Bazargan M., McKellar L., Gray J. & Henderson A. (2018) Validation of the Australian Midwifery Standards Assessment Tool (AMSAT): a tool to assess midwifery competence, Women and Birth. 31, 59-68.



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